Welcome to the Age of EVs: BMW 7 Series May be the Most Sustainable BMW Ever

September 16, 2022

Welcome to the Age of EVs: BMW 7 Series May be the Most Sustainable BMW Ever

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
BMW 7 Series: The Most Sustainable BMW Ever

Welcome to the new era of sustainability at BMW.

The BMW 7 Series marks the start of something new for the innovative German automaker.

Offering a choice of combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems, and all-electric drive for the first time ever, the new BMW 7 Series exemplifies luxurious, exclusive driving combined with a commitment to sustainability.

In other words, sustainability can be attractive and powerful.

The series has a distinctive look on its own.

It starts with the prominent front end - with a combination of the iconic illuminated BMW kidney grille as the centerpiece – as well as two-piece split headlight units.

Inside, there’s a similarly attractive style that balances driving dynamics with comfort.

The 7 Series is the Epitome of the German Luxury Automaker.

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So let’s take a closer look at what makes the BMW 7 Series at the top of the game when it comes to luxurious sustainability.

It’s placed itself at the forefront of sustainability in product design and manufacturing

Driving pleasure and prestige against the backdrop of responsibility. BMW relentlessly pursues its goal of being the most successful and also the most sustainable manufacturer of premium cars.

BMW is demonstrating results

The 7 Series Offers Improvement in Efficiency and Systematic Electrification

Continuous improvements to efficiency and systematic electrification enabled the company to cut its brands’ fleet CO2 emissions by 53 percent between 1995 and 2020, according to the German automaker. The BMW Group continued in very much the same vein in 2021, beating its CO2 emissions targets in the EU. According to its own calculations, the company undercut the target fleet value of around 126 g/km for the 27 EU countries plus Norway and Iceland by some ten grams.

It's wholistic

BMW 7: Luxury, Efficiency, and Performance.

Increasing sustainability is not just about driving systems with minimal or zero local emissions. It’s about the entire lifecycle of a vehicle - from the development and procurement of raw materials all the way through manufacturing and the use phase to subsequent recycling. The BMW Group has set itself the target of reducing carbon emissions throughout the value chain by 40 percent by 2030. It is also the first German carmaker to have joined the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign led by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The company’s roadmap to climate neutrality is therefore following a scientifically validated and transparent route that is in tune with the Paris Agreement’s most ambitious objectives. At the same time, the company has also undertaken to meet the target of complete climate neutrality throughout the value chain by 2050 at the latest.

The BMW 7 Series is leading the way in terms of sustainability

The BMW 7 Series: Perfectly Engineered in All Areas.

The new 7 Series plays a distinct role in helping to achieve sustainability goals. The range makes its own contribution to efforts to reduce the ecological footprint throughout the product lifecycle. As a result, the brand’s new flagship model delivers the ultimate in driving pleasure and prestige against a backdrop of a responsible corporate strategy that sets ambitious sustainability targets for each model and each model range. Putting in the appropriate measures at all stages of the value chain makes the new 7 Series a unique proposition within its segment.

A purely electric drive system is offered

BMW 7: New Powerhouse Seat in The EV World.

The introduction of a fully electrified model variant represents the new BMW 7 Series range’s biggest contribution toward accomplishing the sustainability goals of the company and, at the same time, underscores how BMW is attempting to cut carbon emissions in the use phase of the entire fleet and across all segments.

The carbon footprint for the new BMW i7

The BMW 7 Will Give You A New Personality.

According to BMW, the global warming potential of the i7 xDrive60 throughout its lifecycle is around 33 / 39 percent lower respectively than that of the new BMW 740i xDrive / BMW 740i when using the current EU electricity mix. "If renewable power is used for charging, the difference in lifecycle global warming potential increases even further to around 60 / 64 percent respectively. The carbon footprint for the new BMW i7 will be stated in a validation certificate endorsed by independent auditors by the time production starts in July 2022," BMW said in an announcement.

Responsible raw materials production

Discover Luxury in All Areas of The 7 Series.

The sustainability targets defined for all model variants in the new 7 Series range also include the upstream production chains. The BMW Group has undertaken to create the most sustainable supply chain anywhere in the automotive industry. The focal points on the purchasing side are compliance with environmental and social standards, respect for human rights, conservation of natural resources, and reduction of CO2 emissions. Measures for optimizing sustainability are therefore established in consultation with suppliers, such as using secondary raw materials and harnessing renewable energy.

Recyclability is key

The BMW 7 Series Offers Entertainment At All Times.

Besides an eco-friendly manufacturing process, consideration is also given here to the recyclability of the component in question and to health-related aspects. The checks also include ensuring that potentially allergenic materials, such as nickel, are not used in areas where they could be touched by customers.

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