Caring For Your BMW is Extra Important in the Heat of the Summer

August 26, 2022

Caring For Your BMW is Extra Important in the Heat of the Summer

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Caring for Your BMW: Make it a Priority This Summer

Caring for your BMW in the summer is extra important.

Summer is not the time to give up on caring for your BMW.

Among other things you still need to change your BMW’s oil, check its tires, keep the coolant topped off, make any needed tire replacements, inspect the brakes and make sure your air conditioning is in working order.

Tires Are an Essential Component of Your BMW's Maintenance Checklist.

It’s important to stay on top of these important summer-care tips to ensure that your BMW doesn’t experience any weather-related or driving-related issues this summer.

Here’s a closer look at what you can do to stay safe and happy on the road this summer:

Check Your BMW’s Battery

When it Comes To Caring For Your BMW, Make the Battery a Priority.

Did you know that excessive summer heat can shorten the life of your BMW’s battery by speeding up the chemical reaction to the point where it’s overcharged and also by evaporating the battery’s fluid? Making sure your battery is clean is a good way to extend its life and ensure you're caring for your BMW properly. Inspect cables, the top of the battery, and terminals for dirt (or have your mechanic do that). Too much dirt can end up being a conductor that drains power. So keeping a battery clean is a great way to keep it working well over time. Also, watch for corrosion on the battery terminals. That can inhibit the flow of electricity from the battery to your car’s systems.

Check Your BMW’s Tires

Tires Are An Essential Component of Your BMW's Maintenance Checklist.

It’s especially important in hot weather to make sure your tires are in good condition and inflated to the pressure recommended for the specific model you drive. Driving on worn out or over-inflated / under-inflated tires that can blow out is not only super dangerous but can cost you a lot of money in the long run if you crash. Misaligned tires pose a similar risk. So don’t forget to practice good tire care in the summertime. Keep in mind that if your tires were at 35 PSI in January they could be full of pressure on a hot August day. So be sure to look into the pressure of your BMW tires before heading out on that camping trip or cross country drive.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The AC does more than keep you and your passengers cool. It also keeps your car’s systems cool. In the heat of the summer, your BMW’s AC is working hard to prevent the engine and the vehicle itself from overheating. It’s possible that During the summer, your air conditioner encounters bacteria that can build up and get trapped in the AC’s ventilators during the colder months and cause trouble in the summer. One way to prevent this is to use your BMW’s AC year round. This helps to stop the mold and bacteria from accumulating on the interior of the AC’s microfilter. To keep your BMW’s cooling system operating at its best, have it checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Your Brakes Inspected

Caring For Your BMW Means Servicing Your Brakes When It's Needed.

Before you leave on that dream road trip have someone take a look at your brakes to make sure they are functioning properly. Faulty and worn down brakes (brake pads) can be a huge danger to you and your family/friends. If they are wearing out you may hear a loud grinding sound. Take that seriously and get someone to take a look at your car to ensure you're properly caring for your BMW.

BMW and determine the best course of action.

Your Brakes Inspected

Caring For Your BMW Checklist: Watch the Coolant.

Top off that coolant before it’s too late. Lower coolant levels or wearing-out hoses and other mechanical problems in the system can cause big problems in terms of potentially causing your car to overheat. So top off your BMW’s coolant, carry extra coolant and have someone inspect your coolant system to make sure it’s in tip-top working order before you take off on a long summer drive. And don’t forget to fill up on windshield washer fluid as well. You never know when that summer storm might hit.

Other things to do to stay safe and happy in your BMW this summer:

  • Change the air filter
  • Change the oil
  • Carry an emergency roadside kit
Keeping Up With Your BMW's Oil Change Will Go A Long Way.

“While the days of icy roads and snow tires may be long gone, that doesn’t mean it’s time to get lax about car care. Although summer is synonymous with fun and relaxation, it also means scorching temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms, and greater overall wear and tear on cars due to all that increased vacation mileage,” says Jessica Bridges, blogger for Advance Auto Parts. “Providing proper car care education helps to establish a strong level of trust — which is crucial for securing a strong, repeat customer base.”

Want a Healthy Car? Make Sure You're Caring For Your BMW The Right Way.

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