Meeting a VIP or Last Minute Date? How to quick clean your BMW in a Pinch.

january 13, 2023

Meeting a VIP or Last Minute Date? How to quick clean your BMW in a Pinch.

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
What's The Right Way To Clean Your BMW?

Cleaning your BMW - or any luxury car for that matter - isn’t always an easy task.

Cleaning your BMW maintains its luxurious look up to par at all times. However, not all car washes are luxury-car friendly, and running them through a run-of-the-mill carwash can actually cause damage to your car’s exterior.

If you want to do it yourself it will be a five-step process that includes the following:

  • Wash the wheels and tires first.
  • Rinse surfaces with high-enough pressure to get the job done well.
  • Wipe down the exterior with a special soap.
  • Rinse.
  • Dry the exterior with a left-to-right motion so as not to leave circular streaks.
  • Use window cleaner to clean the windows.
  • Possibly apply sealant or wax.
Cleaning Your BMW The Right Way. Here's The Guide You Need.

Who’s got time for that? Not us!

But what if you have a sudden appointment with a VIP or a hot date tonight?

Here are some tips for cleaning your BMW without having to risk the car wash or spend hours on it yourself.

A little spray will do you.

A Little Something Can Go A Long Way. Get The Right Spray For Your Luxury Car.

You can always spray surfaces with a spray detailer without cleaning the whole car. Just go for the obvious surfaces that attract dirt such as the hood, rear bumper, and maybe the trunk. Clean the areas in sections using a spray detailer and a microfiber towel. The detailer lubricates the dirt so it doesn’t leave streaks.

Go for the windshield

Safety First! Don't Forget To Clean You Windshield For Perfect Visibility.

A dirty windshield can make your whole car look, well, dirty. So give it a spray / clean first and see if it’s really necessary to do other parts of the car. It might make your car look sparkly clean just to clean the windshield. Bonus: clean the driver-side window and side mirror once you are done with the windshield. You can keep a bottle of glass cleaner in your car or trunk as well as a roll of paper towels or microfiber and get the job done quickly no matter where you and your BMW happen to be.

Clear out the trash

Cleaning Your BMW On The Inside Will Keep It In Top-Tier Condition.

Nothing makes a BMW’s interior look worse than using it as a garbage can. Bring out a kitchen garbage bag and pick up those paper cups, wrappers, and other debris. Cleaning your BMW will make it look so much better for your passengers and you will feel better driving around in it.

Shake out the mats

Don't Forget The Floors While You Clean Your BMW.

Give the floor mats a shake. That’s it! Just give them a shake and maybe a quick wipe down and, combined with the trash clearing, your interior may have a new vibe altogether.

Finally, if you do a full cleaning or have someone do it for you, leave a bottle of spray wax and a dry microfiber towel in your trunk or glove compartment so you can do quick touch-ups when you are meeting with someone special. Cleaning your BMW has never been easier than now.

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