The Volkswagen ID.5 Receives the Highest Score in a European NCAP Driver Assistance Test

february 10, 2023

The Volkswagen ID.5 Receives the Highest Score in a European NCAP Driver Assistance Test

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
The European VW ID.5 Driver Assistance Test.

Did you know that the European VW ID.5 received the highest score of “very good” in the Euro NCAP experts award.

The European VW ID.5 is the first electric SUV coupe from Volkswagen. It’s an updated coupe version of the ID.4, which is sold in America.

It's an all-electric model with premium features based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB).

The European VW ID.5 Driver Assistance Test is Setting New Safety Standards in Automotive.

The new ID.5 and the sporty ID.5 GTX03 - with dual-motor all-wheel drive - are inspiring European car buyers with their expressive design, long-distance capability, and the latest cutting-edge software.

It’s a big story in Europe because Volkswagen is transforming in the direction of 100 percent electrification and digitalization with its ACCELERATE! strategy.

The ID.5 gives Volkswagen further firepower on its way to becoming a software-oriented mobility provider worldwide - and everything that happens with it will influence all American models as well. So the award it noteworthy for all VW buyers worldwide who will be impacted by the German automakers changing technology.

Thanks to its cutting-edge driver assistance systems and the use of swarm data, Volkswagen has taken the next big step towards automated driving. And all its hard work has paid off as it receives the "very good" status and a 4 out of 4 possible points - the highest possible score - in the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program).

The European VW ID.5 Received The Highest Score of “Very Good” In The Euro NCAP Experts Award.

Among other things, the Euro NCAP testers were impressed by the innovative systems of the all-electric European VW ID.5.

With the "Driver Assistance Test," Euro NCAP has taken automotive testing far beyond the classic “crash test” and introduced a structured evaluation and classification system in the area of comfort and assistance systems.

The Euro NCAP's 'Driver Assistance Test' Has Changed The 'Crash Testing' in the Automotive World.

The intent is to give consumers insight into the performance of state-of-the-art assistance systems and it can be an important tool for prospective buyers evaluating a vehicle they are considering.

“The additional test procedures in the area of vehicle assistance include a pair of critical motorway driving scenarios, such as typical cut-in and cut-out scenarios maneuvers, testing the system's efficiency in supporting the driver to avoid accidents,” according to Volkswagen.

Among other things, the "Assistance Competence" test, assesses driver engagement - meaning how driver and system work together and how the system ensures that the driver remains engaged in the driving task, VW noted.

A "Safety Backup"- test examines the car’s performance in avoiding collisions and mitigating the potentially incurred consequences of an accident.

The 'Safety Backup' Test Further Examines VW's Performance to Mitigate Accidents.

In its assessment, Euro NCAP emphasized: “The VW ID.5 provides very good Vehicle Assistance with a similar level of Driver Engagement. Combined with excellent safety back-up, the system, overall, offers Very Good highway assistance.”

When it comes to the European VW ID.5, Volkswagen uses innovative, fully connected assistance systems, the optional “Travel Assist with swarm data” being the best example, according to Volkswagen.

The ID.5 can actively keep itself in lane and maintain both the distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed set by the driver.

The VW ID. 5 is Setting Unparalleled Safety Standards in Automotive.

The Adaptive Lane Guidance function actively keeps the vehicle right in the middle of the lane. However, "Travel Assist with swarm data" can adapt to the driving style and can also keep the vehicle on the right or left-hand side of the lane, according to VW.

On the highway, the "Travel Assist with swarm data" can optionally provide active support when changing lanes at speeds of 55 mph and faster.

Once it is activated, the lane change system can be started and executed by simply tapping the indicator stalk.

If sensors detect no other vehicle in the car’s surroundings and the capacitive steering wheel recognizes the driver’s hands, the vehicle then automatically initiates the overtaking maneuver and changes lanes.

But rest assured: The driver can intervene and take over control of the car at any time.

The car’s assistant also is equipped with predictive speed control and cornering assistance. The vehicle speed can be adjusted to the applicable speed limits and the course of the road, including curves.

Given that anonymized swarm data from other Volkswagen is available, the new "Travel Assist with swarm data" can also provide support on roads with only one lane marking - for example on country roads without a center lane marking.

The "Travel Assist with swarm data" is now optionally available in Europe in all newly produced ID. models equipped with ID. Software 3.0.

Expect Greatness, Safety, and Unmatched Performance from The VW ID. 5.

With this development, Volkswagen is making good on its promise to high-quality technology available in all vehicle classes.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to move to Europe if you want to buy the European VW ID.5.

We heartily suggest the ID.4 as a great U.S. alternative.

The Volkswagen ID.4 gives you access to the mobility you crave, in a way that is fun, functional, and within reach.

The ID.4 will transform your everyday driving experience. With the clean lines and aerodynamic design you expect from the new generation of VWs it’s an electric SUV that fits seamlessly into your daily drive or vacation travel. Inside, there’s plenty of room so that you and your passengers can relax and enjoy the drive.

The ID.4 can drive up to 250 miles between charges. You can choose from Pro and 1st Edition trims - with a base model launching sometime next year. Upgrade to the Statement package and you get a larger 12.0-inch infotainment display, a panoramic sunroof, a power-operated rear liftgate, and 20-inch wheels, among other features. While all-wheel drive models will eventually be a part of the lineup, the single-motor rear-wheel drive models were the first to launch.

Experience Volkswagen Like Never Before With The ID. 5.

The rear-mounted motor produces 201 horsepower while the dual-motor all-wheel drive model will offer 302 hp.

Camping or fishing? You’ll love that the towing capacity is a whopping 2700 pounds. And there’s regenerative braking that helps recapture energy when you slow down. The ID.4 will get you from zero to 60 in a crisp 7.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 99 mph. And you’ll love its smooth and comfortable ride as well as the quiet cabin. All you have to do is charge and go!

Other features we love about the ID.4:

  • The ID.4’s battery pack holds enough electricity to power the SUV up t 250 miles between charges
  • The battery can be charged at home on 110- or 240-volt connections, of course, but is also capable of DC fast charging.
  • The EPA rates the ID.4's fuel economy at 104 MPGe city and 89 MPGe highway.
  • The interior offers contemporary design with high-tech features, ambient lighting, and lots of cargo space.
  • Cloth seats are standard but you can opt for faux-leather upholstery along with 12-way power adjustable front seats with massage and memory functions.
The VW ID. 5: A New Era of Volkswagen.
  • The sharp-looking Gradient Package adds 20-inch alloy wheels and 2-tone exterior paint with a black roof.
  • With LED taillights and illuminated door handles, the ID.4 dazzles on the road.
  • A stunning illuminated front Volkswagen logo and light line in the grille adds to the allure
  • With its exclusive 1st Edition badging, white interior accents, contrasting black mirror caps, and play/pause pedals the ID.4 is visually stunning.

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