Land Rover was a Luxury SUV Before there was Such a Thing - So Why Would You Skimp On Parts?

january 06, 2023

Land Rover was a Luxury SUV Before there was Such a Thing - So Why Would You Skimp On Parts?

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Land Rover Discovery: The Epitome of Luxury SUVs.

Long before the term Luxury SUV was popular, Land Rover was setting the standard for that class of vehicle with the Land Rover Discovery.

In fact, few SUVs can so precisely cross between the worlds of luxury and true SUV capability as well as the Land Rover Discovery does.

The Discovery, for instance, has long been a symbol of rugged luxury - for more than three decades to be exact.

Throughout its 33-year-long history – and now in its third generation - the Discovery has offered rugged off-roading capability and sturdiness with state-of-the-art interiors, design, and luxurious refinement.

The Land Rover Discovery Is Setting A New Standard In The SUV Universe.

Land Rover is synonymous with luxury off-roading that gives you royal treatment- yes, it's the vehicle favored by the British royal family. You may have seen the queen tooling around Balmoral in the luxury SUV with her corgis over the past decade.

It's a good choice for the Scottish countryside. The Discovery carries pure Land Rover DNA and can conquer any terrain it encounters. When you choose a luxury SUV why not go with the brand that wrote the book and the model that keeps building upon that legend?

Similarly, we feel it's smart to always buy parts that are made by Land Rover rather than after-market knockoffs. Why? Let's take a look.

We know that buying parts for your Land Rover can be a daunting prospect.

Details Matter. Choose Land Rover.

You might find parts on eBay, or on hundreds of websites offering you "exactly what you are after." We, however, recommend using OEM Land Rover parts and accessories for your model.

Whether you drive a Land Rover Discovery or a Range Rover Evoque, OEM is the way to go.

Why Buy OEM Land Rover Parts?

For starters, the parts themselves are made by Land Rover specifically for your Land Rover. They are built to extremely high standards for quality and durability. And you can't always say the same about after-market.

OEM Land Rover parts are tougher and more reliable than those offered by off-brand after-market companies. Yes, those aftermarket parts may have lower price tags, but you could end up spending much to replace them when they inevitably break down sooner than OEM.

An Interior That Is Both Luxurious and Innovative.

And you can rest assured that OEM parts made by Land Rover will fit your vehicle the way they should. That's because they are made to exact factory specifications. And they are designed to help your Land Rover perform exactly the way it was engineered to perform.

This eases stress on every other part of your Land Rover and helps those parts last longer as well.

Keeping your Land Rover Discovery in top shape doesn’t have to be complex. Check out our inventory below for genuine parts and accessories.

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