Luxury Auto OEM Parts vs Aftermarket?

June 11, 2021

Luxury Auto OEM Parts vs Aftermarket?

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Why Buy OEM Car Parts vs Aftermarket

Five Reasons Original Manufacturer’s Parts are Better than Aftermarket Car Parts

When you purchase your luxury car parts from a dealership you can rest assured you’re getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Buy online or go to an independent auto shop and you are probably purchasing aftermarket car parts.


Not necessarily.

These days, you can buy bonafide OEM parts for luxury cars online direct without having to bother with the dealership or the auto shop.

So what’s the benefit of buying OEM parts rather than knock offs? Here’s our top reasons:

Less confusion

It’s easier to choose the exact part you need without a lot of confusing variables. If you go to the parts counter at a dealership or visit Euro Auto Parts Direct you can ask for the specific part you need for your specific model/brand and get offered the one and only part. You don’t have to worry about weighing the quality of different brands and prices.


When you choose OEM you are most likely getting the best quality. The OEM part is built specifically for your brand and model and will most likely work exactly like the part you are replacing. It’s exactly the part the vehicle was manufactured with and provides peace of mind because you know it’s less likely to break or offer less-than-stellar performance. And the OEM part comes with a warranty. In fact, most automobile companies, like Porsche or BMW, will back up their OEM parts with a one-year or longer warranty.


OEM products are made to perform and fit factory specifications and that can increase the operational life of your vehicle. The replacement part isn’t similar to the original part – it’s identical. That means there’s less chance of unforeseen wear-and-tear that can mean a yet another replacement sooner than needed. In other words you could go through one or more aftermarket replacements in the time you would go through just one OEM part. You don’t have to worry about an OEM part breaking down before its time and needing to be replaced. Thus, they can actually save you money.

Fewer Problems

Because Euro Auto Parts Direct works exclusively with OEMs our team has the technical know-how to focus on your problem and get it resolved quickly. And we offer fast shipping anywhere in the world. We get your parts to you quickly and seamlessly and we help you solve problems swiftly.


You get reliability that goes one step further than just quality and compatibility with your vehicle part. When you purchase OEM products from Euro Auto Parts Direct you are also gaining access to the original luxury manufacturer’s network of support. You won’t get that from your aftermarket parts provider. This means you can get your questions answered by the pros who know the equipment and the parts/accessories rather than just talking to an operator who knows nothing about what you are buying.

Why Buy OEM Parts

To recap, here’s why you might want to consider OEM parts over aftermarket:

Guaranteed Quality

OEM part matches the component you’re replacing perfectly. It’s designed and constructed to fit your car and tested via the manufacturer’s standard. And it will compatible with factory specs and your vehicle.

OEM Parts Last Longer

OEM parts are built to last. Quality materials and construction mean optimal performance and will keep your vehicle performing at its best.


Many OEM parts come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. So if there’s a problem with your OEM part the manufacturer will replace it quickly.

Luxury OEM Parts vs Aftermarket

Keeping your luxury car in top shape doesn’t have to be difficult. At Euro Auto Parts Direct we offer wholesale pricing on genuine replacement parts for a wide variety of European auto brands including Porsche, Jaguar, Audi and BMW, and VW.

When you replace worn out parts on your luxury vehicle with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts you upgrade performance and keep your luxury and exotic model driving optimally for years or even decades. By using genuine brand name parts that last longer than generic or used parts you also are helping to maintain its resale value.

We also save you time. Ordering components from overseas at a local store is nearly impossible or very slow going. But at Euro Auto Parts Direct you have access to the OEM parts you need at a wholesale price.

We will ship it to you direct in all 50 states.

Forget the hassle of having to spend hours locating the needed part then waiting several weeks for it to be shipped from overseas.

Visit us today at Euro Auto Parts Direct and let us help find exactly what you need for your luxury auto. Whether it’s for a luxury SUV, sedan or sportscar – whether it’s an engine part of an accessory - we have what you need.

Our inventory is full of genuine OEM brand-name auto parts that are ready to ship direct, everything from fuel pumps, engine parts, wheel parts, bumpers and accessories to customize your ride.

We have body parts to fix your vehicle’s damage, performance car parts and hard-to-find replacement accessories.