If You Live in a Warmer Climate You May Drive Your Convertible Year Round - So Why Not Maintain it Year Round?

December 23, 2022

If You Live in a Warmer Climate You May Drive Your Convertible Year Round - So Why Not Maintain it Year Round?

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Maintaining Your Luxury Convertible Year Round.

Summer weather lasts all year in some parts of the United States, and maintaining your luxury convertible is always a priority.

No matter the season and no matter the weather, properly maintaining your luxury convertible is always important.

And depending on where you live, there may still be many days in fall – even winter in some cases – when you can drive your luxury convertible with its top down.

Learn How To Maintain Your Luxury Convertible Year Round.

First off, we all know that without proper maintenance, a convertible top can wear out or suffer damage that can make it leak. Not good.

Today’s luxury convertible tops are so well-designed, however, that they are far less prone to leaks than convertibles of yesteryear.

That’s because seals around the windshield and window are much better made than they used to be.

But that doesn’t make them foolproof every minute of every day.

And a leak left unchecked can turn into more damage. As in interior damage. That means dashboards and armrests, interior trim and carpet can be prone to damage from a leaking convertible.

And then there’s the risk of mold and bad odors.

So it goes without saying that properly maintaining your luxury convertible/ cloth top for many years is something you need to be thinking about.

Properly Caring For Your Convertible Can Maintain It In Top-Tier Shape.

So here are some tips for keeping your convertible Porsche, BMW, or other luxury convertible in tip-top shape.

*Important note: Do not take a convertible through an automatic car wash. Instead, clean it yourself or hire someone who specializes in detailing luxury convertibles, such as your dealership.

Clean up those little things so they don’t become big things.

Even the Smallest Things Make A Significant Difference.

When it comes to convertibles, dirt, and debris can become trapped along the seams of the cloth top as well as around the rear window and under the bottom edge of a convertible top. Before you get the top wet during a car washing it’s important that it's blown off and even brushed. A vacuum with a brush attachment can help to remove debris and dirt so your convertible top is not damaged while being washed. Cloth tops can be seriously affected by dirt and dust that settles into the fabric and becomes abrasive. Don't let that happen.

Mind the minutia.

Remember To Check Your Convertible Top For Any Damages.

Be sure to pay attention to even the tiniest of rips, leaks, and other weak spots in your convertible top and get them repaired as soon as possible. Even these smaller problems can turn into big problems down the line if you don’t tend to them early on.

Use the right brushes.

Use the Right Products While Cleaning Your Convertible For A Better Result.

As a luxury car owner you know there are special brushes for wheels, tires, and seats. There are also specialized car care chemicals for just about every area being cleaned on a vehicle. And that includes convertible tops. When it comes to cleaning your convertible be sure to ditch any citrus-based products, commercial bleach, silicone, or petroleum-based products. Citrus-based products can break down your convertible’s resistance to water. These same products can also cause the eventual breakdown of seams and seals while stiffening fabrics. Instead, opt for a mild, natural non-detergent automobile shampoo for cleaning the top of your convertible designed just for such purposes. Always rinse thoroughly so no residue is left over that can cause decay to your convertible. Any car detailing expert will talk about how important it is to own a collection of car wash brushes in order to properly clean the interior and exterior of your luxury car. That includes your convertible top. For example: A soft bristle brush made of horsehair or Nylex can be perfect for gently cleaning your convertible’s fabric.

Other things to consider when maintaining your luxury convertible:

Here Are Some Additional Tips:
  • Never put a convertible top down when temperatures dip below 60 degrees.
  • Never leave a convertible top down overnight.
  • Similarly, don't store a convertible for extended periods of time with the top down.
  • Make sure the top deck area is clear of all objects to avoid damage and scratching before putting the top down.
  • After a new convertible top installation, wait 7-10 days or until the temperature exceeds 60 degrees before putting the top down.
  • If you are considering a convertible top replacement, do not attempt to remove the top yourself.

Bonus tip:

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can do damage to any surface on your vehicle, not the least of which is your convertible top. Always remember: A convertible – or any vehicle - should never be washed in direct sunlight. Car wash soap and other cleaning chemicals dry too quickly on a hot surface in direct sunlight. Your convertible top should always be cleaned and conditioned indoors or in the shade away from glaring and damaging rays.

Make It a Priority To Keep Your Convertible Looking In Top Shape.

Keeping your luxury car in top shape doesn’t have to be difficult.

Check out our inventory below for parts and accessories to help you stay on track in maintaining your luxury convertible.

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