Land Rover is Not Only Taking Over The Automotive World - They're Also Taking The Pet Industry by Storm with These Must-Have Pet Accessories

November 4, 2022

Land Rover is Not Only Taking Over The Automotive World - They're Also Taking The Pet Industry by Storm with These Must-Have Pet Accessories

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Land Rover is Taking The Pet Industry by Storm with These Must-Have Pet Accessories.

Land Rover is known worldwide as one of the most iconic British car manufacturers ever.

However, the luxury car manufacturer is taking over the pet industry with one-of-a-kind Land Rover pet accessories.

Land Rover pet accessories are designed to make life even more comfortable for man's best friend on adventurous car journeys. And most importantly, safe at all times.

Land Rovers Have The Perfect Cargo Space To Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Comfortable.

Here's what Land Rover's product marketing director Finbar McFall had to say about the pet accessories: "Land Rover is all about enjoying the outdoors and that goes hand-in-hand with dog ownership for many customers."

The luxury British car brand understands that their clients' dogs are more than just pets, they are part of their family. Thus, their pet accessories are made to give dogs the comfort and safety they deserve while also protecting the inside of your Land Rover.

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Here's the list of must-have Land Rover pet accessories all pet owners should have in their cars.

Foldable Pet Carrier

Land Rover Pet Accessories Were Made to Keep You and Your Pet Comfortable on the Road.

The Land Rover foldable pet carrier has changed the way pets ride in cars for the better. If you have an overly exhilarated dog who you can't control during car rides, this foldable pet carrier is what you need. The carrier provides a safe, comfortable space for the transportation of pets. This is an ideal accessory for pet owners who regularly carry their dogs or other pets in their vehicles. Most importantly, this is an effective and safe way to ensure your dog does not distract or startle you while driving. The carrier is composed of the highest quality and durable 600D nylon with a lightweight metal frame that comes with a fabric cushion, net windows, and a loaded locking mechanism. The carrier is also equipped with pockets to store small pet accessories or items. The height of this carrier is 52cm, width 52cm, and length 72cm.

Pet Access Ramp

Have an Older Pet? Safely Get them Down From Your Land Rover with the Pet Access Ramp.

Land Rover's pet access ramp allows pets to access the load space without you having to lift them up. Maybe you have an older furry friend who doesn't have the strength it used to have. Or maybe your pet is too small to jump up into the car. Whatever the reason is, this pet access ramp is ideal for pet owners who take their pets anywhere they go. This will make car rides with your four-legged best friend a lot easier and more convenient. This accessory is suitable for pets up to 187 lbs and is equipped with rubber feet to prevent any kind of slippage. The pet ramp weighs 8kg, has a height of 11 cm, a width of 41 cm, and can be folded to be stored in the stowage bag provided.

Portable Rinse System

Keep Your Pet and Your Luxury Vehicle Clean at All Times with Land Rover's Portable Rinse System.

As pet owners, we know how messy our four-legged friends can be, especially during fun, exciting car rides on their adventurous activities. So, doesn't a portable rinse system sound like a dream come true? That's exactly what Land Rover pet accessories have to offer, a convenient solution for washing not only your pet but your equipment such as bikes and wetsuits. The hose comes with different settings that could provide up to two minutes of continuous water flow. Most conveniently, this portable rinse system does not require batteries or external power. This Land Rover system "utilizes pressure captured when filling from a tap, and an integrated hand pump allows the user to pressurize if filling the water tank away from home." You can carry this portable water rinse at all times in your Land Rover inside the stowage bag provided.

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