You Can't Go Wrong Choosing an OEM Battery for Your Luxury Car

November 18, 2022

You Can't Go Wrong Choosing an OEM Battery for Your Luxury Car

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Discover Why An OEM Car Battery Is Better For Your Luxury Vehicle.

You probably already know that most cars need a new battery every three to five years.

And you probably know that it’s important to write down when you purchased your current battery so that you can replace it within the suggested time range.

Discover Why An OEM Car Battery Is Better For Your Luxury Vehicle.

But you might be wondering if it’s wise to replace it with an OEM car battery made by your luxury car’s manufacturer or an after-market battery that might be cheaper.

For instance, should you replace your Porsche 911’s battery with a Porsche OEM car battery or something else your friend suggests?

Let’s start with the first issue. When should you replace your battery?

When Should You Replace Your Luxury Car's Battery?
  1. It’s been over four years as mentioned above.
  2. Your battery appears to be distorted or blemished in some way. A battery should not have cracks, for instance. And it shouldn’t have stains or dents. It should in fact be rectangular in shape. If you notice that your battery is bulging, dented, cracked, or somehow damaged get a new one pronto.
  3. Your engine is taking a long time to start up. Batteries can slow down quite a bit as they age and your car can start to take a few seconds longer to get your engine going. This can be a sign that your battery is about to kick the bucket for good. Get it replaced with an OEM car battery, and your car should start to resume normally.

    Replacing Your Car Battery When It's Needed Can Save You A Lot Of Troubles.
  4. Electronics inside the car are dimming or failing. The battery in your car powers all of the car's electronics. If the radio or seat heaters or air conditioners start to slow down or not run at all, it could be a battery issue. Headlights may also start to be too dime. Time to check the battery and consider getting a new one.
  5. Bad smells. Bad smells are never good. Especially when it comes to your luxury car. If you smell something that reminds you of rotten eggs or sulfur, time to check your battery. It could be leaking gas and it’s sure to stop working if you don’t take action.

So why consider an OEM car battery? Well, options are one of the great reasons why.

Some brands, such as BMW, allow you to choose from various batteries such as a standard, advanced battery, or performance battery.

Have A Professional Technician Inspect Your Car Battery To Ensure It's Time For A Replacement.

BMW will recommend performance batteries if you have more standard and optional equipment and if you add additional accessories.

BMW also suggests a performance battery for those models with more power and more vehicle options, custom configurations, and specifications.

Take, for instance, the BMW absorbent glass mat (AGM) and gel batteries. They are lead-acid batteries and work similarly to old-style lead-acid batteries. But the interior is different in that the material that contains the chemicals is different in modern batteries.

Overall, most of the BMW models use AGM batteries as they allow for faster charging - and more power.

It's Important To Know What Battery Is Better For Your Luxury Car.

When it comes to newer BMW models these cars also have a computer system for the battery. That system requires you, the car owner, to register the battery so that the computer knows you installed a new battery. Moreover, a new battery discharges slower than an older battery.

These are all excellent reasons to use a BMW OEM car battery.

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