Don't let Your BMW AC System Go Bad This Winter - Here is How You Can Protect it From the Harshness of The Cold

December 02, 2022

Don't let Your BMW AC System Go Bad This Winter - Here is How You Can Protect it From the Harshness of The Cold

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Checking Your BMW AC System.

As your surroundings become a winter wonderland, there's one box that needs to be checked off your Christmas checklist: protect your BMW AC System.

Protecting your BMW AC system during the winter is essential to prevent any mishaps once the warmer weather begins again.

The German luxury car maker is known worldwide as a leading premium manufacturer of vehicles. It's no doubt that BMW is known for its quality, luxury, performance, and efficiency.

Don't let Your BMW AC System Go Bad This Winter - Here is How You Can Protect It From The Cold Weather

However, a broken AC unit is inevitable and can be caused by various reasons.

Many car owners believe that their car's AC is more susceptible to stop working in the summer because they overuse it. But did you know that it can stop working if you don't use it all? Yes, you read that right. Not using your AC can lead to damaging results that are both pricey and inconvenient.

If you don't use your car's AC, there will be no refrigerant or oil flowing through the system. This can cause the rubber seals or hoses of your BMW to become dry and brittle. What happens if your rubber seals or hoses become dry and brittle? The refrigerant can leak out and leave you with no cool air once the warmer weather rolls out.

This is an issue that many drivers come to realize once the spring warm weather begins to overpower the coldness of winter.

So, what are some reasons behind your BMW AC system failure in the wintertime?

Refrigerant Leaks

A Refrigerant Leak Is A Major Indication Your AC Unit Needs To Be Checked By A Professional Technician.

As we've learned, not using your car's AC during the wintertime can cause refrigerant leaks. So, what is refrigerant? Refrigerant is a working fluid that undergoes a transition from liquid to gas. This pressurized gas allows your AC to cool down the air. Often, drivers do not use their AC in the winter because, well, it's already cold outside. However, not using your AC unit may cause damage to your luxury vehicle. With your AC sitting idle in the winter, the dry cold air can cause the rubber to crack and enables the refrigerant to escape. The best solution to avoid all of this is to turn on your AC for a few minutes every couple of weeks and stay warm on your car rides.

Remember, your car's AC serves more than just a system for cool air in the summertime. It is also a humidifier that can help your windows defrost or diminish fog during cold weather. Check out: Don't Get Caught In The Cold: Make Sure Your Luxury Car Is Winterized For 2023

Compressor Failure

A refrigerant leak is the most common reason why a car's AC unit stops working during the winter. And this type of leak can only cause further damage if not detected sooner. For example, such leak can lead to a compressor failure. The compressor is the head of the AC system and enables the refrigerant to flow through the AC unit, it is what keeps your air conditioner moving at all times. What causes your compressor to stop working? The most common reason is not using it for long periods of time. When you don't use your AC for most of the winter, the system can be shocked once you actually use it during warmer temperatures. This makes your BMW AC system blow warm air once spring and summer come around.

Condenser Failure

Your car's AC condenser is the heat exchanger. It's located in front of your vehicle and cools down refrigerant for cold air to be blown into your car. Not using your AC all winter can damage your condenser and prevent it from cooling down the air once wintertime is over.

Has Your AC Condenser Come To The End of Its Life? Get It Checked Immediately!

So, how can you prevent your BMW AC system from going bad this winter season? Here are some ways you can protect it.

Turn On Your AC

Turning on your AC in the winter while it's cold outside may seem nuts. However, this is the most effective way you can prevent your AC unit from getting any damage this winter. As we've mentioned, your car's AC does not only keep you cool in the summer, but it will also keep you warm during those long winter car rides. Most importantly, you can prevent refrigerant leaks and a compressor or condenser failure.

Turning On Your AC During The Winter Can Prevent Any Major Damage To Your BMW AC System.

Protecting Your Condenser

The best way to protect your condenser during the winter season is to have a car grille. One of the reasons behind a damaged condenser is build-up moisture. Having a grille minimizes moisture build-up, keeps dirt away, and from infiltrating other substances.

Protect Your Condenser From Severe Damage This Winter Season.

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