Ready for the Sun: Our Top Five Luxury Car Accessories You Can’t Live Without This Summer

June 4, 2021

Ready for the Sun: Our Top Five Luxury Car Accessories You Can’t Live Without This Summer

By Euro Auto Parts Direct

Our top picks for protecting your Car in Style!

What is a luxury car without some accessory upgrades to add that bit of comfort, protection and even bling?

Here are some of our picks for top auto accessories for 2021.

We’re starting with the least sexy (and more sensible) through the most blingy in this two-part blog. This is the summer to be out and about so why not ride in style and make sure your luxury automobile is protected from wear and tear! And why consider the kind of OEM parts and accessories we carry at Euro Auto Parts Direct? Because OEM parts and accessories provide the exact fit, shape and contour your automobile. And they provides maximum protection and blend seamlessly with your interior/exterior because each part or accessory was built by the same folks who built your car. Here’s a look at our picks this summer:

A set of four comes directly from Porsche and will give your auto a seamless and finished look.

1. Center cap sets.

These are the perfect wheel center caps if you have high gloss black painted wheels on your Porsche. A set of four comes directly from Porsche and will give your auto a seamless and finished look. A wheel center cap – or “centrecap” as it’s known overseas - is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers the central portion of the wheel. Early on, center caps were smaller and meant to keep dirt off the spindle nut and wheel bearings. Now they are decorative and add a tailored look to your vehicle. Anyone who maintains and looks after a Porsche classic can’t help being very detail-focused. Another little piece of perfection is now available in the form of the new edition of the wheel center caps for the 911 F (1965–1973), 914/6 (1970–1972) and 911 G (1974–1989) models: The wheel center caps with full-color or black PORSCHE Crest are now available in their original design for the first time. They are hand-made and hand-painted in Germany. The center caps are designed to fit the two different internal diameters of the wheel center bore on the rims of each model. Manually attaching the wheel center caps using a ring or springs is easy, meaning they can be installed at home in your own garage. The wheel center caps are now packaged up in a stylish box based on the original design so they also make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer?

2. Car cover.

A car cover is an important accessory for most luxury automobiles. They protect your car from weather, UV rays, dirt, dust and other pollutants. Some car owners don’t drive their car much and need to leave them parked for long periods of time – or we park underground where dust. So you can choose an outdoor car cover or an indoor car cover that best suits your needs. Using a cheap cover (especially in the wind) is akin to running your car through a car wash constantly. Instead, you want to choose an OEM cover made just for your car that has a soft finish so it doesn’t damage your paint. Most quality covers have multiple layers to allow for scratch resistance, breathability and weather proofing. Any cars that are stored outdoors requires heavier weight material. And of course custom fit covers are best because they have a relatively secure fit and are generally made with the highest quality materials for your luxury car.

3. Cargo mats and trunk liners.

If you are using your luxury SUV to haul anything this summer you might consider investing in a cargo mat or trunk liner. These liners protect your cargo/trunk area and help it sit securely in its place. And they look good. Whether it’s fishing gear or groceries, a cooler or a set of golf clubs, the form-fitting OEM liners can make packing your car easier and more organized and also help protect interior surfaces.

4. Floor mats and liners.

Just like cargo liners, floor mats protect the interior of your car from the elements that you bring in on your feet: water, mud, snow and dirt. A high-quality OEM floor mat gives you the protection you need to guard your investment longterm. When you are ready to sell your car, simply remove the mats and your floors look factory fresh! Don’t settle for thin or flimsy mats if you want comfort and luxury inside your vehicle. Opt for the best!

5. Seat covers.

Similarly, a quality car seat cover made by your vehicle’s manufacturer will guard against stains, dirt, grime and cracking. Any liquids that might blemish your seat are no match for a quality seat cover. OEM seat covers are built to fit and match your car’s interior. So don’t risk spilling on your Porsche 911 seats. Protect them with quality OEM covers that will look as good as they are protective. Luxury OEM seat covers are also often made of environmentallyfriendly breathable materials along with layers of durable and comfortable textures that blend seamlessly with your interior and most luxury manufacturers provide you with a bevy of luxurious colors from which to choose and customize.

Bonus: A sunshade.

Hoping to protect your BMW 3 Series or your Jaguar I-Pace from summer heat? Be sure to grab a genuine OEM windshield sunshade. Most luxury brand sunshades include the brand name proudly displayed on their front. And unlike less expensive sunshades they are made from high quality, durable materials and even come with a storage bag in which they can be neatly stored.