Seven Porsche Accessories to Make Your Porsche More Rugged

July 4th, 2021

Seven Porsche Accessories to Make Your Porsche More Rugged

By Euro Auto Parts Direct

Rain, Shine, Sleet or Snow Your Porsche is always Ready to Go with these Weather-Tough Accessories

Porsche Accessories for Sale to Make Your Porsche More Rugged

Seven OEM Porsche Accessories to Make Your Porsche More Rugged

As a Porsche driver, you love to hit the open road. You love the adventure and the fact that rain or shine – perfect road conditions or not – you are living your life to the fullest in one of the greatest cars in automotive history.

And Porsche OEM accessories can help you make the most of any situation you find yourself in with your Porsche.

With more than 25 years of knowledge and experience, Genuine Porsche Tequipment Accessories stand for one thing: Porsche-level quality. So why not choose Porsche OEM accessories when you are deciding how you are going to make your Porsche ready for that rugged road adventure?

Developed with the whole vehicle in mind and tailored exactly to your car, Porsche OEM high-quality products allow you to easily adapt your Porsche to your requirements. And to your whims.

In other words, Porsche makes products that exactly match you and your car.

Porsche ensures that all Porsche Tequipment transport systems are designed for performance, just like your Porsche. It's your life. Your adventure. Your story. You don't follow the routes laid down by others. So it's no wonder that only one thing matters when designing your Porsche: your own ideas.

The exterior and performance products ensure an even more dynamic appearance and impressively emphasize the sporty side of your Porsche while helping to make it more rugged ad ready for any conditions.

So here are our picks for some top Porsche parts picks that will make your Porsche adventures more fun this summer:

Roof Boxes

Porsche Roof Boxes for Sale

Life offers you so many opportunities. Take advantage of these when it comes to your Porsche. Porsche OEM roof boxes and transport systems allow you to easily adapt your Porsche to your requirements.

Available in high gloss black or in Platinum Look – always with the Porsche logo on both sides – Porsche OEM roof boxes are unmistakably Porsche design. All roof boxes are provided with longitudinal air channels, which minimize air resistance and distracting driving noises.

A Porsche brand roof box increases you car’s luggage compartment capacity by 320 or 530 liters. All Porsche OEM roof boxes are mounted on the roof transport system. Attention should be paid to the permissible roof load of the vehicle when loading. You can find this information in the owner’s manual.

The roof boxes can be opened and closed from both sides. The intelligent safety locking system ensures maximum transport safety as the key can only be removed when the lid is fully closed. With the lockable roof transport system, roof boxes are also protected from theft.

All Porsche roof boxes can be pushed forward or backward on the roof transport system to perfectly position the roof box and allow unrestricted access to the luggage compartment.

Roof boxes can be installed in a few simple steps. Due to the sizes of the roof boxes, we recommend using two people to install them.

To secure the roof box on the vehicle roof you must have a roof transport system.

The 320-Liter Roof Box:

Porsche 320-Liter Roof Box for Sale
  • High-quality plastic box, available in black (high-gloss)
  • Volume: approx. 11.3 cu. ft./320 liters
  • External dimensions: 6.75 x 2.75 x 1.11ft (length x width x height)
  • Internal dimensions: approx. 6.43 x 2.43 x 1.08ft (length x width x height)
  • Dead weight: 39.6 lbs
  • The Porsche logo on both sides matches your car perfectly and ensures an individual look.
  • The roof box is lockable. The system also ensures maximum transport safety, as the key can only be removed when the roof box is fully closed.
  • The roof box has an anti-slip mat at the bottom of the box to help with secure loading.
  • The roof box can be opened from either side. This simplifies both the loading and unloading of the box.

The 520-Liter Roof Box:

Porsche 520-Liter Roof Box for Sale
  • High-quality plastic box, available in black (high-gloss)
  • Volume: approx. 18.3 cu. ft./520 liters.
  • External dimensions: 7.15 x 2.93 x 1.31ft (length x width x height)
  • Internal dimensions: approx. 6.72 x 2.55 x 1.11ft (length x width x height)
  • Dead weight: 57.3 lbs
  • The Porsche logo on both sides matches your car perfectly and ensures an individual look.
  • The roof box is lockable. The system also ensures maximum transport safety, as the key can only be removed when the roof box is fully closed.
  • The roof box can be opened from either side. This simplifies both the loading and unloading of the box.
  • The roof box has an integrated ski-holder system

Floor Mats

Porsche Floor Mats for Sale

When it comes to your Porsche you want and deserve precision down to the very last detail. Porsche OEM tailored floor mats allow you to set the accents, even in the footwell. When you pay a premium price for your luxury vehicle, every single spec of the car should be top notch, right? The exterior of the car is already pristine in terms of design, and the engine has unmatched power. The seats are also made of perfect leather. And yet industrywide, the standard for floor mats is still very low. Why not purchase Porsche OEM floor mats that look good and protect your car in a way that other mats can’t? They are made to fit your model right down to the last centimeter. You want to be sure your mat is all-weather and capable of withstanding all of the elements including snow, rain and mud. With proper care, they are guaranteed to hold up for years to come. They have to work well and look good. They have to be Porsche OEM floor mats.

Car Covers

Porsche Car Cover for Sale

A car cover can help protect your Porsche whether it’s sitting in a garage or a carport. Using a car cover will keep your Porsche much cleaner and save you a lot of time and money in terms of washing the car. You need a car cover especially if your Porsche sits outside for any period of time. Sun exposure can damage exterior paint as well as the dashboard and upholstery. So in order to preserve your car and its value be sure to use a cover.

We recommend Porsche OEM car covers that are designed to fit your specific Porsche model like a glove. That means your car, when parked outside your home or inside your garage won’t be making contact with the sun (unless you are driving) or with dust, chemicals, leaves and sap.

The cover will also help keep your exterior paint from fading or scratching. And the interior will last longer as well. A cover also helps deter thieves who can’t see exactly what is under the sheath without approaching the vehicle.

So when in doubt, cover it up! Porsche OEM covers are manufactured after taking precise measurements to fit your model so they fit every angle of your auto. They fit better and look better than universal covers.

Indoor covers provide a very soft material that pampers the paint while protecting it from scratches and dings from other cars.

Outdoor car covers have more rugged materials that help protect your vehicle from the sun and other harsh elements. They are waterproof and can save your car from ice, snow, bird droppings and squirrels and other critters.

So what’s the best car cover for you Porsche? A Porsche OEM cover, of course. They are customized to your model, tailored to indoor or outdoor use, all around just perfect for your Porsche, whether it’s a 911 Carrera, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Taycan, 918 Spyder, Carrera GT, or Panamera model. There’s also specific covers for the 959, 924, 944, 968, 356, and GT1 models.


Porsche Car Chains for Sale

Snow chains work simply by increasing the grip that tires have on the road when the road is icy or snow covered. By increasing the traction between the car and the road, chains make driving in adverse cold weather conditions safer while reducing the chance of you losing control of your car or skidding across slick surfaces. Porsche OEM chains are designed to fit your Porsche’s tires exactly the right way. And we must say they look fabulous too!

Ski and Snowboard Rack

Porsche Ski Rack for Sale

Get the newest OEM ski rack from Porsche. It’s made just for your Porsche and fits up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards. And the practical pull feature allows for convenient loading and unloading. Keep in mind, this rack is not suitable for skis or snowboards with raised attachment point. And you must buy the roof transport rack system separately in order for this accessory to work.

Towing Hitch

Porsche Towing Hitch for Sale

A trailer hitch is the main connector between a tow vehicle and trailer. It’s also the structural component that bolts onto the vehicle and provides a coupling point to hook up a trailer. And a Porsche OEM towing hitch ensures that you are not going to damage your car or the mass that you are towing. The Porsche Cayenne, for instance, has a towing capacity of over 7,000 pounds. The Cayenne is quite simply the most versatile vehicle Porsche has ever built. This includes the capability of being used as a tow vehicle. All Porsche Cayenne models have trailer-hitch preparation as standard equipment (except the Hybrid model).

With its exceptional towing capacity, the Cayenne takes you down the road as perhaps no Porsche ever before. A factory retrofit kit includes a manually detachable trailer hitch that accommodates a maximum braked trailer weight of 7,716 pounds, and a maximum tongue weight of 617 pounds. Keep in mind: The V6 models with a manual transmission have a lower towing capacity.

The kit comes with a brake light module, wiring harness, and bolts necessary for installation as well as 13-pin socket. For more details contact us today.

Tread Plates

Porsche Tread Plates for Sale

A tread plate is also known as a floor plate or a diamond plate or even a diamond tread plate. It provides a durable, anti-slip surface for dock surfaces, vehicle running boards, among other things. It’s resistant to weathering, corrosion, and chemicals and should require no maintenance or surface treatments – especially if you choose a Porsche OEM tread plate.

A good tread plate is lightweight but durable. It’s also easy to clean and non-skid, as well as being highly resistant to corrosion. For more information on Porsche OEM tread plates reach out to us today!

Embark upon a voyage of discovery. Explore something new every day. Because the possibilities are almost limitless. Your life is not designed for standing still. Just as well. After all, neither is your Porsche. And so that you can always focus on the essentials – driving pleasure – before, during and after your journey, our products ensure that everything you transport is well protected.