Top Signs it May Be Time to Replace the Tires on Your Luxury Car

November 25, 2022

Top Signs it May Be Time to Replace the Tires on Your Luxury Car

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
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If you’ve purchased a luxury car – new or used -you may be wondering when is it time to change your luxury car tires.

For starters: Don't rely on the weather to help you decide if it's time to replace your luxury car tires.

Here Are Some Signs It's Time to Replace Your Luxury Car Tires.

Car owners often think about changing their tires only when winter arrives. But too often those same people are waiting too long and may experience a catastrophe – such as a flat tire or, worse, a blowout – when it could have been prevented.

Your tires need to perform 365 days a year. That means gripping the road. That means not blowing out.

And that means you need to be on top of routine maintenance.

First of all, you want to be sure to change your tires after five years of use. It’s a good rule of thumb that is recommended by most tire manufacturers. During this span of time, you can visually inspect the tires regularly to see if the tire treads are visible or have a professional inspect them thoroughly for you.

Among other things, look for:

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  • Uneven tread wear
  • Shallow treads
  • Rocks between treads, nails in tires, etc.
  • Cracks between treads
  • Sidewall cuts or cracks and damage due to impact
  • Damaged valve caps

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Let's go even deeper and take a closer look at some other signs that it’s time to change your luxury car tires:

Cracks in the rubber.

Cracks On The Rubber of Your Tires Are A Sign That Their Life Has Come To An End.

Cracks in the rubber are an important factor to consider. If you encounter rough driving conditions, like dirt roads and extreme weather with variable temperatures throughout the year, particles can erode the rubber, eventually leading to cracks in the rubber. Weather or ozone cracks are essentially surface cracks that are only visible on the sidewalls and the base of the tread grooves. Such cracks don’t necessarily cause a problem, but they may indicate that the time to change your tire is soon. Not when they get deeper into the rubber. You can prevent such cracks by making sure you are driving regularly to maintain your tires’ rubber elasticity. Over and under-inflation – as well as other poor maintenance practices - can make this problem worse. So don’t delay, get your tires looked at today. And always read your manual and maintain proper inflation volume.

Tread Depth.

Tires Receive The Most Damage While Driving. Thus, You Must Replacement Them When Needed.

When, exactly, is a tire worn down? In most states, you need to change your tires when they have about 2/32 inches of remaining tread depth. That’s about the distance between the base of the tire tread's grooves and the very top of the tire's tread. Your luxury car tires will get more worn down in bad weather and extreme temperatures as well as from traveling bumpy roads – so be sure to change them before they reach the literal breaking point. One way to test: Take a penny with Lincoln on one side and place his head down into the tread. If you can see all of his head, it is time for you to get new tires.

Tread Wear.

Have A Professional Replace or Rotate Your Tires When Needed.

Does the tread pattern on your tire have wear bars on it? Then, again, it may be time to change your tires. These bars help you determine when it is time to change your tires. That’s because every tire sold in North America has wear bars. You may also notice that your tire includes a treadwear grade number on its sidewall. Manufacturers give these grades to indicate their life expectancy. The higher the number the longer their expected longevity. But you also have to consider your personal driving habits. For example: you brake hard on a regular basis or haul heavy equipment such as a trailer. If you do these things you should not just rely on a number but have a professional check out your tires on a regular basis.

Additionally, watch for any strange bulges - even bubbles - in your tires. These can indicate a serious issue. Also, if you experience any kind of vibration when driving, have your car checked. Typically, you sense vibration through the steering wheel or the front portion of your car. This is quite common after servicing your tires but it should not go on for a long time.

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