VW is in The Lead in The Automotive World With its World-Class Volkswagen ID. Buzz Interior Features

October 28, 2022

VW is in The Lead in The Automotive World With its World-Class Volkswagen ID. Buzz Interior Features

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
An Interior Like No Other. Experience VW Like Never Before With The New Volkswagen ID. Buzz.

The WV ID. Buzz can be described with two words - simply galactic.

It is the newest addition to the EV family, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior is simply out of this world

This VW is where high tech meets human tech in the most technologically advanced way. The ID. Buzz is not exactly the EV Microbus, but this new electric van looks like a bus and has the space of a bus. This model has two rows of seats with space for five passengers but can fit up to seven people with its significantly large cargo space. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior will electrify the automotive world with funky and unique features as its release date closely approaches.

More about the VW ID. Buzz's seating

Funky. Colorful. Fun. That's What the ID. Buzz Interior Offers
  • Front seating comes with adjustable armrest.
  • All seats are completely electrically adjustable and equipped with memory and massage functions.
  • The back three-passenger bench can be folded for larger cargo space.

Volkswagen pushed the right buttons designing the seating for the ID. Buzz. The great attention to detail is evident in the stylized, cute vehicle silhouette that is molded in the side seat trim. Plus, the embossed happy face silhouette on the seat trim along with the lively colors will give you your daily boost of serotonin.

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior makes this EV van the perfect family car for everyday adventures or fun road trips

Funky. Colorful. Fun. That's What the ID. Buzz Interior Offers

The funky and fun colorful interior of this VW van is sure to make every second of the journey entertaining and most of all, memorable.

Bought a glassed coke bottle in the gas station while on the road with the family but can't open it? No worries! The ID. Buzz conveniently placed a bottle opener in the removable center console. Now, you'll stay hydrated throughout your entire journey.

Or maybe you're about to embark on your family winter vacation but you woke up to a frozen window full of snow. There's nothing to worry about here. Volkswagen included an ice scrapper to make your life a lot easier during the harsh winter season.

So don't hold back on creating special memories with your family, choose the most convenient and efficient EV van in the automotive. Choose the ID. Buzz.

Take the necessary steps to maintain your ID. Buzz. Check out: Car Maintenance Checklist

It is no secret that the Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior is a hot topic in the automotive industry

A Fun Interior for an Adventurous Journey.

The interior will be available in an orange-and-white color scheme and looks fresh, fun, and funky. Volkswagen also gives you the option to choose from various trim and upholstery customization possibilities. This way, you can give your ID. Buzz a personalized touch, because there is no better way to make your car yours than by designing it yourself.

In the 60s, the Volkswagen bus became a history piece of pop icon. Now, with the return of this legendary vehicle, the ID. Buzz brings redefined technology, style, and adventure.

Technology Features

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: Innovation at its Finest

The cockpit of the ID. Buzz is to die for. It is both high-tech and ergonomic, giving the vehicle a futuristic interior look. The 10-inch Digital Cockpit display is perfectly paired with a 10-inch infotainment system that is conveniently positioned in the center of the dashboard.

Fun feature: The way the cockpit and infotainment system are connected only at the bottom to the instrumental panel gives it the illusion of free-floating tablets.

The infotainment system is something straight out of the future. Everything is touch-screen. The control bar is completely digitized and comes with digital buttons and touch sliders.

The digital buttons provide direct access to menus parking functions, driver assist systems, Climatronic HVAC settings, and driving profiles. You can regulate temperature and volume by using the touch sliders.

Movable and Removable Center Console

Another enthralling Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior feature is the movable and removable center console that was specifically designed for the EV van. The center console is placed between the driver and passenger seat but can be conveniently removed for more space or to place a tablet or laptop.

10-Color Ambient Lightning with 30 Colors as Optional

Discover What Driving in Comfort is With the New VW Buzz.

Enhance your driver experience by lighting up your instrument panel with 30-color version lights. These colors can light up your:

  • Instrument panel
  • All four doors
  • Storage bins in the doors
  • Footwell

You can also use the Digital Cockpit and infotainment system to set the colors according to your mood and you can create preconfigured lighting profiles by using the "Mood Menu."

When you replace worn out parts and accessories on your Volkswagen ID. Buzz with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts from Euro Auto Parts Direct you upgrade performance and keep your luxury and exotic model driving optimally for years or even decades. By using genuine brand name parts that last longer than generic or used parts you also are helping to maintain its resale value.