Condenser, Compressor & Lines for 2004 Volkswagen R32


2004 Volkswagen R32

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Part # / Description / Price
A/C Receiver Drier
MSRP $143.33


Cabrio. Wagon. Golf, GTI, Jetta.

MSRP $290.00

Jetta. Golf, GTI.

AC Hoses
MSRP $361.67

From Chassis/VIN 9M-2-060 001. Jetta. Condenser to compressor, 2.8L. Golf, GTI, R32. Comp to condenser. 3.2l.

A/C Compressor
MSRP $716.92


Golf, GTI, R32. 4 cylinder. Beetle. 2.0l, 1.8l. Jetta. 4 cylinder. Beetle. 1.9l diesel. Incl.A/C Compressor Clutch. Golf, GTI, R32. 6 cylinder.

A/C Compressor Clutch
MSRP $498.33


Sedan. Jetta. 4 cylinder. 2.0L. 1.8L. Sanden. Golf, GTI, R32. 2.8l. 1.9L. Golf, GTI, R32. 3.2l.

Evaporator Assembly

Evaporator Core

Electronic Regulation. Includes Housing Assy. Includes: Housing For Evaportor Core. w/Electronic Regulation. w/o Electronic Regulation. AC AND Heater. Evaporator core. Housing Assembly. HVAC Unit Assembly. Included w/ : Evaporator core included w/ evapora ...

AC Hoses

Jetta. Exp valve to comp. 2.8l. Compressor to evaporator, 2.8L. Golf, GTI, R32. Exp valve to comp. 3.2l.

Expansion Valve
MSRP $135.00

Beetle. Manual regulation. Manual a/c. Coupe, without electronic regulation. Cabrio. All. Corrado, Passat. Golf, GTI, Jetta. Convertible,.

A/C Receiver Drier
MSRP $176.67

To vin# 9m3113077. To vin 1c1471709. From vin 1c1471710.

A/C Refrigerant Liquid Hose

Condenser To Evaporator. Evaporator to dehydrator, to vin# 9my002231. Evaporator to drier, 1.9L. Evaporator to drier, 1.8L. Evaporator to drier, 2.8L.