Winterize Your Porsche - And Yourself - for Chilly Weather this New Year

December 16, 2022

Winterize Your Porsche - And Yourself - for Chilly Weather this New Year

By Euro Auto Parts Direct
Get Ready This Winter Season by Preparing Your Porsche.

As the temperatures drop this winter you may be facing some severe driving conditions in your Porsche.

Preparing for the winter means you must take the necessary steps to winterize your Porsche.

Whether you commute over mountains with guaranteed icy roads or just want to head up to the ski slopes at Big Bear for a day, you are sure to face some road conditions that will make it harder for your Porsche to grip the road. Thus, you must take the necessary precautions and winterize your Porsche.

Snow, slush, and ice can mean problems for your car or SUV's traction. And if the worst happens and you get stuck somewhere isolated or snowed in, it’s important to make sure you have winter-ready items on hand in your Porsche.

Driving in winter conditions can be dangerous and frightening, even if you grew up in Northern Minnesota and are a pro at cold-weather driving. So take precautions whenever you are heading to colder climates this winter. You can not only prevent damage to your Porsche but you may be keeping your friends and family safe as well.

So let’s take a look at five important ways to winterize your Porsche.

Consider winter tires and chains.

Stay Safe on The Road This Snowy Season With Winter Tires and Chains.

Traction, again, is the big issue in winter. If your all-season tires can’t grip the road on that ski trip you may lose control of your vehicle and slide off the road. That’s why a full set of winter tires may be your best bet starting in November (or earlier if you want to beat the crowds). Winter tires – also known as snow tires - have a different type of tread to help them grip snow and ice and keep you from losing control on the road. Snow tires normally last three winters total and can help you avoid unnecessary bodywork from a fender bender while keeping you and your passengers safe even when the roads are treacherous. Usually, the mountain-peak-and-snowflake symbol on the side wall of the tire denotes that they are suitable for winter. Chains, which can be purchased to keep in your trunk, can add an extra layer of protection in dangerous or white-out conditions. They may even be required by some states via flashing signs as you head up that mountain. So, learn how to install them before you go so you are not caught out in a storm struggling to get them on your car.

Winterize Your Porsche For Chilly Weather.

If temperatures drop and snows start to fall, you can find yourself temporarily stranded or incapacitated if your engine won't start. Be sure to always carry an extra Porsche blanket to keep you and your passengers warm - especially in the event that you lose heat. Carrying some extra sets of warm gloves, scarves, and boots will ensure that you can go out into the snow if you need to. Always include a flashlight in your winter stash as well as batteries. You never know when you may need to jump-start your engine or change a tire. Other possible items to include in your winter kit: A shovel and ice scraper. These could prove essential for removing ice, slush, or snow from your windshield and even around the tires. Bottled water and snacks might be a good idea as well.

Make sure your battery is working.

Your Car Battery is Susceptible To Damage in The Winter. Have a Professional Inspect It.

Cold weather can present a challenge to your vehicle’s battery if it’s weak. That’s because your car battery loses power as temperatures go down, especially if it’s in its waning years to begin with. In fact, it may not even start when the wintery weather kicks in – or you are caught up in a blizzard at the top of the mountain. So, make sure you winterize your Porsche the right way by ensuring your battery gets tested before you head into that winter wonderland. And if you have any concerns think about simply replacing it altogether.

Make sure your wipers are working and fluids are topped off.

Ensure Your Porsche Has Working Wipers and Enough Fluids.

Make sure the wiper blades on your 911 or Panamera are in good working order before winter or before you leave on a mountain trip. Blades are susceptible to the cold and can even freeze and lift away from the windshield. At that point, they are no good for removing ice or snow or even heavy rain in some cases. So make sure you have a working blade that is flexible in the cold with a rubber covering that allows the body of the blade to remain in contact with the surface of your windshield. And while you’re at it make sure your washer fluid reservoir is topped off regularly and in winter use a solution that includes anti-freeze. It’s not a bad idea to keep an extra bottle in the trunk or rear of your SUV.


Maintain Your Headlights For a Clear View of The Road When It Snows.

Make sure you winterize your Porsche with headlights that can clearly be seen by other vehicles. If your headlights are getting older this may be the time to replace the bulbs. You can even align your headlights according to the manufacturer’s instructions - just by adjusting a knob or screw. This is important because the headlight covers can also become hazy due to oxidation of the plastic content which greatly reduces visibility. Headlight restoration kits can be purchased but you can also check with your dealership to make sure your headlights are in good working order.

Did you know you can also buy Porsche winter gear for yourself to wear whether it's an emergency or not?

Heading somewhere chilly? Check out these pieces to help you stay warm this winter:

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Stay Warm This Winter With Porsche Accessories.

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